All statements involving John Kasich

"One-third of our college grads leave Ohio within three years."

"They talk about this problem with binding arbitration. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to have somebody from Los Angeles fly into Zanesville and impose a wage settlement on you ... and then they’re on the plane back to Los Angeles."

"We’re. . . keeping and creating jobs in our state. From American Greetings, to Wendy’s, to Diebold, we’ve gone to their doorsteps to keep jobs right here in Ohio."

"We have asked public employees to pay 10 percent of the costs of their guaranteed pension and 15 percent of the cost of their health care. ... The leadership of those public employees unions don't want to pay anything."

"Since the beginning of the year we've created a net increase of 45,000 jobs."

On how money from a possible lease of the Ohio Turnpike would be used

"Believe it or not, consumer spending is up over the last eight months."  

"We jumped 11 places since beginning this year in terms of being job-friendly."

"The president came in and campaigned against me 12 times."

"Kasich’s budget increases state spending from $50.5 billion to $55.6 billion. This is the second largest, two-year spending increase in Ohio history."

"We’re the seventh highest taxed state in America. And that’s not just state, it’s local as well."

"We are in the bottom 10 in dollars in the classroom and the top 10 in dollars in the bureaucracy and red tape."

"We're within 600 miles of 60 percent of America. We're in a perfect location."

"Two million federal workers negotiate zippo, zero. There is no collective bargaining for federal employees."

"State employees are actually going to get a pay raise."

"In this bill that I’ve just signed, we don’t cut anybody’s salary. We don’t take away their pension. And we don’t destroy their health care."

There was "some sort of informal commitment to build a (psychiatric) building in downtown Cleveland."

Ohio Director of Job Creation "Mark Kvamme just clawed back about $900,000 from companies that made promises and they didn't keep them."

"Our average private sector employee pays 23 percent for their health care. Our average city worker in Ohio pays 9 percent."

"We have lost 600,000 jobs over the period of the last 10 years. Only Michigan and California have done worse."

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