All statements involving John Kasich

"President Obama came to Ohio 12 times to try to defeat me and guess what? He didn't win."

Says there are Ohio Turnpike workers getting paid $66,000 a year to collect tolls that machines might collect.

Says an EPA permit "languished" under Strickland but his new EPA director got it done in two days.

On whether the state should privatize the Ohio Turnpike.

"Ohio has lost more population than every other state in the country except for two."

"I think [a little] less than half of the people in our prisons are in there for less than a year.  ... We have people who are check kiters and don't pay child support and we are locking them up in the state pen."

"They tried to give us $400 million to build a high-speed train that goes 39 miles an hour."

"Ohio ranks 46th in the country in putting dollars in the classroom."

John Kasich says he won, despite "12 visits by a president, somewhere between $45 (million) and $50 million (spent against him,) 500 paid volunteers in here calling me every name in the book, former presidents, first ladies and God-knows-who-else."  

"(John) Kasich was the architect who balanced the budget, cut spending, created a surplus, igniting record job creation."

"Congressman Kasich wants to use our tax dollars to give secret bonuses to his corporate friends."

"Ted Strickland destroyed Ohio jobs when he busted the budget."

"(Strickland) raised taxes last year to the tune of $840 million."

State government spending will be increase 10.7 percent this year.

"The total number of dollars that passes through the Department of Development is like $900 million and like $650 (million) of it has nothing to do with development, which is breathtaking when you think about it."

"Kasich’s trade deals cost Ohio thousands of jobs - 49,000 jobs to Mexico, 91,000 to China."

"You can’t raise taxes in Ohio. We are one of the highest taxed states in the country."

"We didn’t have a development director for over seven months."

On whether to eliminate the state income tax.

"Since 1904, the Ohio victor has won the presidency 25 out of 27 times "

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