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Off key in Music City

McCain and Obama tangle in Nashville. We check their claims and find some truth . . . and some stretching.

Campaigns dig into the archives to attack

The race is tight and the campaigns are digging deeper for the dirt.

Sorting out the truth on energy

In our latest installment of our series on key issues, we distill the candidates' positions and examine our key rulings.

Economic barrage

In new TV ads, McCain and Obama make claims about taxes and Fannie Mae. We find they're both exaggerating.

McCain's Spanish dancing

At the first debate, Obama said McCain had balked at meeting with the Spanish prime minister and wasn't sure if Spain was a U.S. ally. We sort out the facts.

Friday night fight

McCain and Obama spar at Ole Miss in their first debate. We check their facts and find a few blunders.

Sorting out the truth on Iraq

This is Part 2 of our series on key issues of the presidential election. We'll distill the candidates' positions and examine key rulings. This time, Iraq.

Obama's executive pay misfire

Obama takes a swing at McCain while attacking high executive pay. But he misses.

Facts in Bermuda vacation ad do the job

Obama's latest attack: John McCain went to Bermuda, said nice things, received donations. Check, check, check.

Bridge too far on the Bridge to Nowhere

The famous Bridge to Nowhere is still a hot issue, but now it's being used as a weapon (though not very plausibly) against Obama.

Sorting out the truth on taxes

Between now and Election Day, we plan to focus on key issues of the presidential election. We'll distill the candidates' positions and examine key rulings. First up: taxes.

McCain's 'warning' on Fannie & Freddie

McCain spoke up after a widely read report drew attention to chicanery at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but it's a huge stretch to suggest he could have somehow averted the current crisis.

McCain's pork project

McCain hammers at this point of distinction: he hates pork-barrel spending, Obama revels in it.

Sarah in the spotlight

We fact-check statements from Sarah Palin's first major news interview since being named the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

Kindergarten Sex Ed? Hardly

A McCain ad says Obama wants "comprehensive" sex ed for kindergartners. No, he doesn't.

Lipstick, pigs and pit bulls

The McCain campaign seized on Obama's use of an old metaphor to say he said something he didn't.

The bridge barrage

We sort out the claims and exaggerations about Palin's actions on the Bridge to Nowhere.

McCain's big night

In a St. Paul hockey arena, John McCain accepts the Republican nomination. We check his facts.

FACT SHEET: Are you experienced?

We look at the four nominees for president and vice president and count up their experience.  

Getting fired up in St. Paul

After losing a day because of Hurricane Gustav, Republicans — and their new ally Joe Lieberman — try to make up for lost time with lots of praise of John McCain and a few digs at Barack Obama. We check the facts.