All statements involving Kasim Reed

Kasim Reed has kept every promise he made as a candidate.

"The minimum number of infrastructure (needs) in Atlanta is $900 million."

The annual gross domestic product of metro Atlanta is "bigger than 28 states in the union."

"Right now, we only keep 50 percent of Georgia Tech's graduates."

"State law says that once the state appraises a piece of property, they can only pay it a certain amount above appraisal."  

Atlanta now has as many visitors as Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles. Orlando, Fla., and New York City still have more visitors.

My office is about a 300-step walk to the governor's office.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed held not one conversation with the public about the new Falcons stadium project

Says the Georgia Dome would need up to $350 million in work over the next five to seven years.

Felony crimes in the city of Atlanta are the lowest they have been since 1969.

On same-sex marriage

Says "you cannot implement Paul Ryan’s plan without allowing for any increases in revenue."

The state of Georgia has lost 200,000 total jobs and 50,000 construction jobs since May 2007.

The new Hartsfield-Jackson international terminal was "on time and on budget."

The recent process of awarding $3 billion worth of airport vending contracts was the "most open and transparent procurement process in the city’s history."

"We also have, in a park that’s not far from here, an ability to build a reservoir that can hold a 30-day water supply for the city of Atlanta."

"We have cut crime across every single zone in the city of Atlanta by between 10 percent and 16 percent, depending on the zone."

"Five members of [the Common Cause Georgia] board accepted maximum campaign contributions."

"If [Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed] wants to be like Bull Connor, then so be it."

On letting Occupy Atlanta protesters stay in Woodruff Park.

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