All statements involving Kay Bailey Hutchison

Says the Senate will have a record number of female senators in 2013.  

Says taking millionaires off food stamps and unemployment would save $20 million.

"The only growth sector that we’ve had in the last two years in America is government growth."

Says that "on average, Democratic congressional districts received 81 percent more stimulus funds than Republican districts."

On an earmark moratorium.

Says the American public "overwhelmingly opposed" Democratic-steered health care plan.

"If the space-shuttle program is terminated, Russia and China will be the only nations ...with the capability to launch humans into space."

"Kay Bailey Hutchison was elected state treasurer, succeeding Ann Richards. Democrats then abolished the position ... Hutchison later became a U.S. senator."

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's "concession speech came with less than 20 percent of the precincts having been counted.”

Gov. Rick Perry "spent over a million dollars on D.C. lobbyists asking for more federal money and lives in a luxury house that costs taxpayers $10,000 a month."

Says one in three Texas children drop out of high school.

"Taxpayers even footed the bill for Perry’s trip to a bachelor party in Las Vegas."

Says Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison "took 154 private flights all funded by taxpayers" though "commercial flights were readily available at a fraction of the cost."

  Uses headlines to portray Gov. Rick Perry as beholden to special interests.

"The State of Texas does not even use the E-Verify system to determine if someone is legally in our country when they apply for a job."

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison “voted to continue Roe v. Wade.”

"We have over 300 state agencies. Forty-five of those agencies are related to health care."

“The largest tax increase that we have ever had in our state is yours – it is the business margins tax that you signed, governor.”

Health care reform: "Everything about it is going to raise costs, raise taxes and lower the quality of health care."

Says Gov. Rick Perry was for Wall Street bailout before he was against it.

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