All statements involving Lincoln Chafee

"Although the governor doubled the beach fees . . . all the money, as we found out, is all going to an out-of-state company. The state isn't even getting the money for that."

"Since I took office in January 2011, we have created 11,100 Rhode Island-based jobs."

Forty-six states have a line-item veto for the governor.

Farming is "one of the fastest growing areas of our economy."

The state budget proposal has been submitted "on time and [it's] the earliest that a governor has done so in over two decades."

"The five economic indicators that the federal government tracks - for the first time since August 2006 - were positive this October."

"The commercial property tax [in Providence] is second highest in the country behind Detroit."

The InterLink at T.F. Green Airport is the closest air-rail link in the country.

"If Rhode Island does a hybrid [retirement] plan we’ll be the first state in the nation to do this.’’

"Rhode Island is one of only six states" to use E-Verify.

Experts say the property tax "is the most harmful to economic growth and . . . the sales tax is least harmful."

Says Lincoln Chafee "settled a union strike by giving the teachers a 19-percent-raise."

Lincoln Chafee "voted with President George W. Bush and the conservative leadership 76% of the time."

"I remember one of [Curt Schilling's] teammates said he painted his sock, the bloody sock."

If Rhode Island applied a 1-percent sales tax on all items exempt from sales tax, ''the state would receive an additional $89,376,857.''

"Fifty-three percent of teens in Central Falls are getting pregnant."

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