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Democrat from Texas

Linda Chavez-Thompson, who has West Texas roots, was the 2010 Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor of Texas. The long-time activist with the AFL-CIO also rose to prominence in the national Democratic Party.

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"Texas has, now, the highest share of minimum-wage workers in the nation."

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Democrats paint different picture of Perry's state:

After Gov. Rick Perry’s optimistic State of the State address, Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis ripped ruling Republicans while also launching statements that sounded very familiar — as in already fact-checked.

We're No. 1!:

Woo hoo... sometimes.

My opponent is... RICH!:

A quarter century ago, legislative hopeful Rick Perry of Haskell filed paperwork with the state indicating he was worth about $13,000. By 2009, we figure, Gov. Perry was worth a little more than $1 million. That is, his net worth increased 77-fold in 24 years.

Why care? Well, how politicians make money is often an attack point — sometimes clear-cut enough for the Truth-O-Meter.

Democrats pound Rick Perry:

That roar in Corpus Christi this weekend? It wasn’t necessarily the surf.

Conventioneering Texas Democrats pounded Gov. Rick Perry, lofting some charges we’ve explored before ...

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