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Lindsey Graham: 'I've never met an illegal Canadian'

The debate over unauthorized immigrants in the United States often focuses on Mexican nationals. How many are there from north of the border?

PolitiFact Sheet: Defense spending under Obama and Congress

Our PolitiFact Sheet answers five questions about military spending and cuts over the last seven years. 

PolitiFact Sheet: Military spending under Obama and Congress

Our PolitiFact Sheet answers five questions about military spending and cuts over the last seven years.    • Vote now for the 'Lie of the Year' Readers' Choice award

Is ISIS an 'existential threat' to the United States?

Some Republican candidates have called ISIS an ‘existential’ threat. We asked foreign-policy experts and historians to explain what that means -- and whether they agree.   • Fact-checking the Iowa Democratic presidential debate • Fact-checking what Obama said about containing ISIS • PolitiFact Texas expands to Houston, San Antonio

Graham promoting himself as foreign policy expert

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina may be the ultimate Washington insider in the Republican race for president — having spent more a third of his life in Congress. Graham, who was first elected to Congress in 1994, is hoping to build a broad base on one positive aspect of those years of experience: his command of foreign policy. But so far that’s not showing up in the polls. Graham’s statements have hit the Truth-O-Meter 12 times, earning two each True, Mostly True, Mostly False and False ratings and four Half True ratings. He had no statements with PolitiFact’s lowest rating Pants on Fire. Click the headline to see a sampling of those checks. 

Ahead of her Wisconsin visit, Hillary Clinton on the Truth-O-Meter

We review fact checks on statements by, and about, the former secretary of state ahead of her first trip to the Badger State in her 2016 presidential campaign.

Jobs fact-checks for Labor Day

On this Labor Day, we’re taking a look back at some of our recent fact-checks about the labor market and employment statistics.

Lindsey Graham on the Truth-O-Meter

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is joining the ever-growing field of 2016 Republican presidential contenders. Here's a look back at his Truth-O-Meter record so far.   • Orlando preview: Fact-checking GOP presidential contenders on the economy •​ Fact-checking the May 31 news shows

Rick Perry alone among presidential prospects in military service?

Rick Perry, who might join Texan Ted Cruz in declaring for president, has said he's the only aspirant who's got military service under his belt.   That declaration overlooks some fellow longshots.

George Soros and Ebola, Lindsey Graham's 'attack,' Rio Grande crime: PolitiFact Oregon Roundup

Today's PolitiFact Oregon Roundup includes everything from claims that billionaires George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates are tied to the Ebola outbreak in Africa to assertions that crime in Texas' Rio Grande Valley is below that of other big-cities areas in the Lone Star State.

Looking for the truth on attacks in Benghazi

With some information still classified, we look at some basic facts of Sept. 11, 2012, and this week’s congressional testimony.

Beheadings, kidnappings and other immigration distortions

We check some of the worst distortions in the immigration debate.

Doing the math on the new student loan law

We look at a claim about a new law on student loans and how it will affect students.

Day 1 of Sotomayor hearing: no 'meltdown' yet

We check two statements on Sonia Sotomayor as her confirmation hearings begin.

Sorting out the truth on 'aggressive interrogation'

We examine whether Sen. Lindsey Graham is right about the Geneva Conventions and alleged terrorists, and whether Newt Gingirch flip-flopped on the issue.