All Half-True statements involving Marco Rubio

"Having an active father makes children 98 percent more likely to graduate from college."

"We are dealing with an administration that, quite frankly, has shown a reluctance to enforce the immigration law."

The immigration proposal from the Gang of Eight "is not amnesty."

"There are 3 million jobs available in America that are not filled because too many of our people don’t have the skills for those jobs."

Military spending cuts, known as the sequester, were President Barack Obama’s idea.

"Washington, D.C., had some of the strictest gun laws in the country. And when they passed them, violence skyrocketed."

"Report that #GOP insisting on changes to Social Security as part of #fiscalcliff false. BTW those changes are supported by @barackobama."

The RESTORE Act started as an "effort to dedicate as much BP fine money as possible towards Gulf Coast restoration" but now "could steer money to places like the Great Lakes and West Coast."

"The majority of Americans are conservatives."

Says Mitt Romney "was one of the first national Republican leaders to endorse" Marco Rubio.

"If the debt ceiling is surpassed, our nation will not go into default as some suggest."

Of the more than 1.3 million temporary mortgage modifications, over half have defaulted.  

"Charlie Crist has six different positions on ObamaCare."  

"Crist stays in $2,000 a night luxury hotel suites where he racks up $1,300 in mini-bar charges, and doesn't pay for a dime of it himself."

"Charlie Crist was the only prominent Republican in the country to campaign with Barack Obama before the stimulus passed, on behalf of the stimulus."

"Fifty-seven" of  Rubio's 100 ideas "ultimately became law."

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