All Half-True statements involving Mitt Romney

Says Rick Perry wrote a newspaper item saying he was "open to amnesty" for illegal immigrants in the United States.

Says Texas unemployment is dire in various ways such as a doubling in the jobless rate during Rick Perry's governorship. Also, the Texas rate has increased faster than the national rate during Barack Obama's presidency.

Says more than 1 million Texans are jobless, the state has its highest unemployment rate in more than 20 years and joblessness doubled on Rick Perry’s watch.

"Over the last several years, 40 percent (of) the jobs created in Texas were created for illegal aliens."

Between 2000 and 2010, the illegal immigrant population of Texas increased by 60 percent, while California and Florida had "no increase."

When George W. Bush was governor of Texas, "the percentage uninsured went down." Under his successor, Rick Perry, "it's gone up."

Says Texas’ unemployment rate has doubled on Rick Perry’s watch.

Says a poll found him the only Republican candidate who could beat Barack Obama in Texas -- and by eight points.

"Obamacare takes $500 billion out of Medicare and funds Obamacare."

"I'm prolife. I'm not going to apologize for becoming prolife. Ronald Reagan followed that same course, as did Henry Hyde and George Herbert Walker Bush. And I'm proud to be prolife."

Huckabee supported "a tuition break to the children of illegals that are here illegally when citizens are having to pay a higher rate."

"John McCain is right on that one. The line-item veto is the best tool the president has to rein in excessive spending."

President Clinton "reduced the scale of our military dramatically."

"I have not changed my position on the (gay) marriage amendment or anything else related to marriage."

"It doesn't make sense to me to send $1-billion a day out of our country. We can be energy independent and should be."

"Mayor Giuliani made New York City what's known as a 'sanctuary city,' where illegal aliens were allowed to come. And he instructed the leaders of the city not to enforce the law, not to enforce immigration law."

"The Republican governor who stood up and cut spending instead of raising taxes."

"(McCain) said he was opposed to overturning Roe v. Wade. Now he's for overturning Roe v. Wade."

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