All statements involving Nathan Deal

The Americans for Tax Reform pledge "relates to new taxes that were going to be initiated by legislative action."

On opposing any and all efforts to increase taxes.

Before the HOPE scholarship, "70 percent of the high school students who made 1400 or above on their SAT left the state of Georgia. Now, 70 percent of those stay in the state of Georgia."

"As the usage [of synthetic marijuana] has dramatically increased, instances of violence, bodily harm and even death have risen with it."

"One out of every three automobile fatalities can be attributed to alcohol."

Siemens has been unable to fill approximately 200 skilled trade positions in metro Atlanta.

"Right now in Georgia, nearly one in three leaving our prisons are re-convicted within three years."

The planned expansion of Savannah’s port is a "jobs creating project."

Georgia is one of seven states to lose jobs in 2011 and has lost 8,200 jobs so far.

"[The state ethics commission] took absolutely the same percent of cuts as most other state agencies. … They were somewhere in the 7 percent range – same as the governor’s office."

A "substantial number" of probationers participating in a pilot project to ease the farm labor shortage are able to "finish the work."

"The health care price tag for childhood obesity in Georgia is $2.4 billion annually and rising."

Georgia is "one of only about seven states in the country" that has a AAA bond rating.

"Over the last 10 years, Georgia's public health has declined."

The HOPE scholarship "has helped turn our University System into one of the best in the Southeast, with two institutions ranked in the top 20 of public universities in the country."

"Georgia still has one of the richest programs in terms of scholarships for students to go to college."

The impact of the 2010 federal health care legislation will be "huge" on Georgia.

Roy Barnes voted against a bill in the state Senate that would have made it easier to convict child abusers.

Republican candidate for governor Nathan Deal fought to weaken Georgia's rape shield law.

"Roy Barnes proclaimed Mexican workers good for Georgia."

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