All statements involving Paul Ryan

Twenty percent of single adults, ages 21 to 25 with no kids, "are not working or even in school trying to find a job."  

All 28 members of NATO have "pledged to spend at least 2 percent of their economy on defense. But only three countries do -- Britain, Greece and us."  

Medicare is "going broke. The trust fund goes bankrupt in 2026."

"Over the past three years, ‘deep poverty’ has reached its highest level on record."

Members of the military don’t "contribute toward their pension."

The Murray-Ryan deal "is the first divided-government budget agreement since 1986."

On responding to chemical weapon use in Syria

"Unemployment has been on the rise throughout Wisconsin" as Paul Ryan stepped up his advocacy of "immigration increases."

"Obamacare … carries on even under a government shutdown."

Says Abraham Lincoln supported an agreement that allowed slavery in New Mexico "and a law to return runaway slaves to their owners."

"Our debt is already bigger than our economy."

The fiscal cliff agreement was "the largest tax increase in history."  

On his definition of "takers" and "makers"

"We’re taxing our small businesses now at rates higher than corporations."

"Over $1 trillion" was spent on anti-poverty programs in 2011, enough to "give every single poor American a check for $22,000."

"One out of every four students fails to earn a high school diploma. In our major cities across America, half of our kids don’t graduate."

Says Paul Ryan’s budget plan "ends Medicare."

Paul Ryan "cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for."

Says six studies verify that the math adds up for Mitt Romney’s tax plan.

Says the Obama administration "watered down sanctions" against Iran, delayed them and tried to stop Congress "from putting the tough sanctions in place."

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