All statements involving Paul Ryan

The Obama administration "called Bashar Assad a reformer when he was turning his Russian-provided guns on his own people."

Says Obama was in New York City the same day as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but went on a TV show instead of meeting with him.

Says the Obama administration spent taxpayer dollars on electric cars in Finland (and) windmills in China.

Says Obama promised unemployment would never go above 8 percent.

Says Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would "eliminate the guarantee of Medicare."

Says President Barack Obama "already passed all these Obamacare taxes. About a dozen of them hit middle-income taxpayers."

U.S. House opponent Paul Ryan supports "cutting funding for veterans by 24 percent."

Based on the August 2012 national jobs numbers, "for every person who got a job, nearly four people stopped looking for a job."

Says he and Mitt Romney "always said that we agree with the 2014 deadline" for leaving Afghanistan.

"$500 billion of the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy goes to 120,000 families."  

"Republicans would give seniors a (Medicare) voucher that limits what's covered, costing seniors as much as $6,400 more a year."

Says Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan support "massive cuts in Social Security for future generations."

In Massachusetts under Mitt Romney, "unemployment went down, household incomes went up," and the state "saw its credit rating upgraded."

Says President Barack Obama broke his promise to keep a Wisconsin GM plant from closing.

President Obama "funneled" $716 billion out of Medicare "at the expense of the elderly."

Wealthy taxpayers, not middle-income earners, get "most of the deductions" in the tax code.

Says Paul Ryan "tried to change the whole game" for Social Security

"Household income in America has gone down for families an average of $4,000 in the last four years" while it " went up $5,000" under Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts  

"His new running mate, Congressman Ryan, put forward a plan that would let Governor Romney pay less than 1 percent in taxes each year."

The Romney-Ryan plan for Medicare "does not affect" benefits for anyone 55 or older.

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