All statements involving Rob Portman

"The average family (is) now bringing home $4,000 less than they did just five years ago."

"About 2 percent of Americans get paid the minimum wage."

Says the State Department spent $630,000 to get 2 million Facebook "Likes."

"I was filibustered."

The Obama administration has put out "more of these major rules than the Clinton administration or the Bush administration during comparable times."

"The Social Security disability fund is going belly up in 2016."

"Our debt now is about $140,000 per household."

"There have been literally hundreds of new tax preferences and loopholes added to the code since 1986, last time we did this."

Says out-of-state abortion clinics "have marketed their services to minors" in states with parental consent laws.

Budget analysts say the looming tax hikes and spending cuts would  "take us into a recession and kill jobs."

The national debt of $16 trillion, is "enough to buy both the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds 1,918 times."

"$16 trillion (the national debt) in $1 bills would cover the entire state of Ohio nearly 1.5 times."

"We've got 7.2 percent unemployment (in Ohio), but when you include the folks who have stopped looking for work, it's actually over 10 percent."

Barack Obama has "never even worked in business."

Says that under President Obama, there’s been a substantial increase in federal government jobs.  

Rob Portman shares "radical, ideological views" toward women.

Says the health care reform bill was paid for, in part, by taking money from students and the student loan system.

The Buffett Rule "will bring in less than $5 billion per year. ... Enough to pay one week’s interest on the national debt."

"Last year, we produced 14 percent less oil on public lands than we did the year before."

Says unemployment would be at 10 percent if people who have quit looking for work were included in federal labor force calculations.

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