All statements involving Rob Portman

Says federal spending has increased 21 percent over the past three years.

"We have the second highest corporate tax rate among our trading partners."

"A couple retiring today will pay about $119,000 in lifetime Medicare taxes and receive about $357,000 in lifetime Medicare benefits. ... about 3 bucks in benefits for every dollar in taxes."

"In the month of July alone, EU exports to South Korea increased by over 36 percent. A lot of that is our market share. Those are our farmers and our service providers who are suffering."

Says the federal government is "the largest energy user in the country."

"We rank below Ethiopia, I'm told, in terms of our exports per capita, well below any of the other developed countries we trade with, and well below China and (South) Korea."

U.S. debt is "now equal to 100 percent of the GDP."

"Thirty-four of the last 44 (debt ceiling increases) have been for less than a year. So, this notion that short-term is somehow the exception, it's actually the rule."

A year since the "Recovery Summer," there has been been "a fall, winter and spring of no recovery."

"The Democrat-led Senate has failed to pass a budget for 750 days ... Senate Democrats have neglected one of their most basic responsibilities."

"The (health reform) legislation which Washington passed last year has made it more difficult to hire" because it’s increased costs for employers.

Drilling for oil on the Outer Continental Shelf and in parts of Alaska will  "immediately reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil."

Says the United States does not "trade as much as other developed nations."

"Under Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, Ohio is 44th in the country in terms of getting money actually into worker retraining."

Says he's so bipartisan that "12 of my bills were signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton."

Since the stimulus package was passed, "Ohio’s lost over 100,000 more jobs."

On Lee Fisher’s watch, "almost nine out of 10" jobs that Ohio lost were lost to other states, "not to other countries."

"Under Lee Fisher Ohio has lost nearly 400,000 jobs."

Says a "Pro-Stimulus economist admits it is not working … "

"On (Rob Portman's) watch as Bush's trade czar, our deficit with China exploded" and "as Bush's budget chief, Portman oversaw a spending spree that doubled the deficit."

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