All statements involving Ron Paul

For "the past year, I was censored" and muzzled.

Says he has nearly 200 delegates bound to support his candidacy at the Republican National Convention.

"Just on Jan. 1 of this year, there were 40,000 new laws put on the books in one day."

Says he "did the very best" in a recent poll in Iowa matching up each of the major Republican presidential candidates against President Barack Obama.

Says Rick Santorum "funded Planned Parenthood."

Says Rick Santorum "opposes right-to-work"

Says the U.S. federal income tax rate was 0 percent until 1913.

Says that when Republicans held Congress and the presidency, they "doubled the size of the (U.S.) Department of Education."

Says a new national poll shows "the majority of the American people believe we should have a gold standard" for U.S. currency.

Says there were only "about eight or 10" inflammatory sentences in his newsletters.

Says Ron Paul doesn’t believe in marriage licenses.

"The Fed created $15 trillion in the bailout process" and $5 trillion went overseas.

Says the Department of Defense changed its definitions of al-Qaeda and the Taliban making it so almost anybody can be loosely associated with the groups.

"Torture is illegal by our laws. It's illegal by international laws."

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain called Ron Paul’s followers "ignorant."

Every month since 9/11, there have been as many suicide attacks against the United States and its allies as there were in all the years leading up to 9/11.

Says "our taxes have doubled" with Rick Perry in office.

Says Rick Perry wrote a letter "supporting Hillarycare."

The U.S. military "is in 130 countries. We have 900 bases around the world."

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