All statements involving Rudy Giuliani

"No one" claims the report vindicating New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the bridge scandal is "conclusive."

Says federal law enforcement officers cut off questioning of the Christmas Day underwear bomber by giving him a Miranda warning after 30 minutes of questioning.

"We had no domestic attacks under Bush."

"For four days in Denver, the Democrats were afraid to use the words 'Islamic terrorism.'"

Sarah Palin "already has more executive experience" than Barack Obama and Joe Biden "combined."

Said he's the only Republican candidate "who's actually turned around a government economy."

"We have more coal reserves in the United States than they have oil reserves in Saudi Arabia."

"Bill Clinton's peace dividend . . . cut the military 25 and 30 percent."

"He reformed welfare before others tried."

"And he's the only candidate who will fight for a national catastrophe fund to reduce insurance rates."

"And delivered more tax relief than the other Republicans combined."

"We haven't built a refinery, I think, in 30 years."

"Ronald Reagan did amnesty."

"Bill Clinton cut the military drastically."

"Iranian mullahs took American hostages and they held the American hostages for 444 days. ...The one hour in which they released them was the one hour in which Ronald Reagan was taking the Oath of Office …"

"We reduced abortion. We increased adoptions by 135 percent."

"He's (Romney) the one who said that he would be to the left of Teddy Kennedy on gay rights."

"This guy didn't even support Ronald Reagan."

"The oddest thing is he doesn't want to do for America what he did for Massachusetts. He did mandate health care for Massachusetts, which is HillaryCare, and he doesn't want to do that for America."

Romney failed to take action against "sanctuary cities" in Massachusetts.

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