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Giuliani and Romney duel on crime stats

Romney and Giuliani cite different statistics on Massachusetts crime to make their points.

Who made Big Apple sweeter?

Rudy Giuliani presided over an economic rebound in New York City, but his claims ignore the nation's economic expansion. And he doesn't mention the less rosy details of his tenure.

The intel numbers game

Rudy Giuliani blames President Clinton for the sad state of the intelligence budget.

No sanctuary from exaggeration

Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney tussled over "sanctuary cities" for illegal immigrants at the CNN/YouTube debate. But their attacks exaggerate the effects of municipal policies on immigration.

Making 'disruption' equal 'destruction'

Rudy Giuliani frequently attacks Hillary Clinton over her views on the free market, but he's blatantly misquoting her.

Sparring over spending

It's true that Rudy Giuliani sued to end the president's line item veto, it's just not clear how much that means.

What's in a resume?

The candidates have been making boasts and attacking each other over who has the most experience. We check their math.

Biden wants a bite of the Big Apple

The Delaware senator says he's the one who lowered crime in New York while Rudy Giuliani was mayor.

A cancer ad gone wrong for Rudy

Surviving his own cancer scare doesn't protect Giuliani from drawing fire over disputed statistics.

Thompson torn on torts

Update: Fred Thompson has a mixed record on tort reform. He's opposed some bills because of his preference for states' rights, but supported others.

Sly ad attacks Romney

A gay Republican group attacks Romney with his own record.

Taking off the gloves in Orlando

The Republican candidates mixed it up during a lively debate in Orlando. They stretched the truth on crime and defense, while Huckabee was Pants-On-Fire wrong about the Founding Fathers.

McCain overbids on eBay

The Republicans clashed on taxes, the economy and Iraq during a debate in Dearborn, Mich. They fumbled a few facts along the way.

Romney's nuances on gay issues

Mitt Romney has consistently opposed gay marriage, but he changed positions on a constitutional amendment on civil unions.

Giuliani's "culture of life," defined

Giuliani has been an adoption advocate, but now he says that's the same as being an abortion foe.

How much credit does Giuliani deserve for fighting crime?

The NYC crime stats look great from his tenure as mayor, but they looked great in a lot of cities.