All statements involving Sam Adams

Says "last year the graduation rate for our combined six-district footprint jumped 5.5 percent."

Says, "In the last four years we’ve cut $36 million in ongoing revenue."

Says the initial Portland plastic bag ban represented "only a modest share of total single-use checkout bag use."

Says "Portland has higher standards than feds on allowed police use of force."

"We’re spending $12,000 bucks a kid a year in the school system."

Says "TriMet's own analysis shows that YouthPass does not actually add to the transit agency's costs."

Says "only 18 percent of Portland elementary schools have art instruction compared to 83 percent nationally."

Says "traffic fatalities have fallen dramatically, even as population has risen. You are more likely to stay alive biking, walking and driving around Portland than you were before" he took over the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Says there's $4 billion in private investment along the streetcar. 

Says "There are now Occupy Wall Street camps in hundreds of cities across the United States."

Says "of the 2,000 Portland households in the year-long (composting) pilot, 87 percent of participants reported being satisfied with the overall system."

The city’s 30 percent set aside for affordable housing in urban renewal areas is calculated citywide -- not district by district

Says "for the equivalent cost of a single mile of freeway, we have a bike infrastructure."

Says city of Portland has a one-time $22 million surplus

Four out of 10 homicides are committed by gun in this city.

Says "$30 million gap" in stadium funding forced the Portland Beavers to leave.

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