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Democrats do not have a plan for extending the Bush tax cuts.

"Democrats are poised now to cause this largest tax increase in U.S. history."

The U.S. "only ranks 25th worldwide on defense spending as a percentage of GDP."

"We spend three times more on entitlements and debt services than we do on defense."

"Americans now spend 100 days out of the year working for government before we even start working for ourselves."

"We were promised (the stimulus) would provide 'green jobs' for Americans, but 80% of the $2 billion they spent on alternative energy went to purchase wind turbines built in China!"

Vice President Joe Biden's meeting "with the transparency and accountability board . . . was closed to the public."

"One state even spent a million bucks to put up signs that advertise that they were spending on the federal stimulus projects."

"Barack Obama had 150 days in the U.S. Senate where he was able to vote quite often 'present.' "

"President Obama's proposal calls for serious cuts in our own long-term carbon emissions," but China and India will still be allowed to increase their emissions.

"Ronald Reagan faced an even worse recession" than the current one.

The McCain campaign "did not elaborate" on Obama's ties to ACORN.

A cap-and-trade plan promoted by Barack Obama would hit hardest "those already struggling to make ends meet."

Obama has admitted a cap and trade plan would cause electricity bills to "skyrocket."

Says she couldn't take stimulus money because it required "universal building codes."

Under the House health care bill, the government "will have to penalize citizens if we choose not to buy a plan that will cost a minimum of about $15,000 per family per year."

The proposed excise tax on "Cadillac" health plans will hit "those making less than $200,000" the hardest.

"The Defense Department received only one-half of 1 percent of the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus package funding."

A provision in the health care reform bill for end-of-life counseling for seniors is not "entirely voluntary."

Seniors and the disabled "will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care."

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