All True statements involving Sheldon Whitehouse

"There are already more American jobs in the solar industry than in coal mining."

"We have more people working in clean and green energy than in oil and gas in this country."  

Rhode Island has the "the second-most heavily deployed National Guard in the United States."

"The American healthcare system burns 18 percent of our national GDP. Nobody else is close."

"In 1976, the first year that Pell Grants were fully funded, a full Pell Grant paid 72 percent of the cost of attendance at a typical four-year public college. Today, a full Pell Grant covers just 34 percent of those costs.

"Some criminals have learned how to spy on Americans, hacking into our home computers and looking out through the video camera attached to the screen."

"The law, right now, permits companies that close down American factories and offices and move those jobs overseas to take a tax deduction for the costs associated with moving the jobs to China or India or wherever."

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