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Republican from Texas

Stefani Carter is a Republican state representative from Dallas.

Recent statements involving Stefani Carter

Says Stefani Carter "repeatedly used her campaign contributors’ donations to rent margarita machines for our state house office."

Says black women are "fastest-growing demographic group in ... Texas seeking concealed handgun licenses."

Says the Beaumont school district’s superintendent is the highest-paid in the state.

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Texas margaritas, Capitol-style:

A Republican primary was salted by a claim that Stefani Carter spent campaign money providing margaritas in the Texas Capitol.

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During the 140-day Texas legislative session that ended May 30, we tested claims from floor debates, press releases and advertising. But by far, our most-read article proved to be a check of state Rep. Leo Berman's statement about Barack Obama’s birthplace.

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Two "what-if" warnings and a compensation snapshot per the state’s thousand-plus school superintendents fluttered the Texas Truth-O-Meter last week.

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