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Winning Our Future

Winning Our Future is a Super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich for president in 2012.

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Mitt Romney "supervised a company guilty of massive Medicare fraud."

"Romneycare sent costs spiraling out of control" in Massachusetts, "hiking premiums, squeezing household budgets."

Mitt Romney is worth "at least a quarter billion dollars" and the bulk of his wealth "remains in blind trusts and overseas bank accounts."

Says Romney and Bain Capital drove KB Toys into bankruptcy by loading it up with debt.

Mitt Romney’s and Bain Capital’s profits from KB Toys, which later went out of business, were "described by the Boston Herald as ‘disgusting.’"

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Fact-checking the Florida primary:

What were some of the sharpest attack lines of the past week?

Mitt Romney's job creator claim short on evidence:

Mitt Romney says he helped create 100,000 new jobs. Critics say he's been a job destroyer. But who's right? Fact-checkers and other journalists have repeatedly looked at the history of Bain Capital, the investment firm Romney ran from 1984 to 1999. Bottom line? It's tough to prove job claims on either side — not that we won't try.

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