Articles from November, 2013

Do Republicans have ideas on health care?

Democratic pundit Donna Brazile on CNN said that Republican plans don't give people "an option to even enroll in something that they can afford."

Fact-checking the Sunday Nov. 24 shows

The news of the day was Iran, but that didn't stop former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin from talking about the health care law.

Confused about the health care law? We can see why

The talking heads are making it awfully difficult to understand what's happening with the health care law. A big problem is that hard data is still hard to come by, so we're left with best-guess estimates, anecdotes and lots of spin.

Is Census worker smoking gun in alleged jobs report rigging?

Fox and Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested Census Bureau worker Julius Buckmon admitted to helping fake the nationwide jobs report before the 2012 presidential election. We take a look at the evidence.

Fact-checking Nancy Pelosi on 'Meet the Press'

On Sunday's Meet the Press, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended the health care law and President Barack Obama's promise that people could keep their health insurance.

Differences between the debt and the deficit

On Tuesday's PoliticsNation, host Al Sharpton and guest Goldie Taylor confused debt with deficit.

Scott Brown gets his swearing-in timeline wrong

Former Massachusetts Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown took a stroll down memory lane Monday while talking about the health care law with Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson. But he got his history wrong.

James Carville says Barack Obama 'saved the auto industry'

Democratic strategist and professional pundit James Carville defended President Barack Obama on Monday's Morning Joe, claiming Obama saved the auto industry. We take a look under the hood.

Fact-checking the Sunday Nov. 10 shows

It was all Chris Christie, all the time Sunday. The newly re-elected New Jersey governor wouldn't say whether he plans on running for president in 2016, but that didn't stop the pundits from talking about it.

Fact-checking the TV cable networks

PunditFact allows you to sort fact-checks by cable news network, to see how claims on TV meaure up.

Limbaugh, Beck attack health care law

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, two of the biggest names in conservative talk radio, have had plenty to say about the health care law recently. We fact-check two of their claims.

Fact-checking the Sunday news shows

We're launching the website with a full-court press on Sunday's political news shows. See how the pundits rated on the Truth-O-Meter.

Welcome to PunditFact: A new home for fact-checking

Even in the entertaining and boisterous world of punditry, words matter and people should be held accountable for what they assert.