The Truth-O-Meter goes off the grid with Gov. Jesse Ventura

PunditFact editor Aaron Sharockman talked with Gov. Jesse Ventura about Jeb Bush's private emails.

I had the chance recently to talk with former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura about our work and a recent fact-check surrounding former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's private emails.

The claim comes from Democractic strategist James Carville, who said that "Jeb Bush has released 10 percent of his emails."

As anyone who read the fact-check knows, the real figure is closer to 90 percent. The difference is that many of Bush's emails as governor came from official government email accounts, and those emails were -- and still are -- public records. Carville didn't account for that in his calculation.

You can see the full discussion with Ventura by clicking on the video at the top of this page, or by visiting Ora TV's website here.