Articles from January, 2016

In Context: Donald Trump's turban talk

Trump's comments at a rally, in context, show he might not have been referring to a protester's turban despite media reports.   Fact-checking the Jan. 24 Sunday shows

PolitiFact fact-checks the Jan. 24 shows

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd grills Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders about their chances in the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1.

Fact-checking the Jan. 17 news shows

On the Sunday shows, presidential candidates reacted with vehemence to the weekend's news of Iran releasing American hostages as the two countries implemented a major nuclear agreement.

PolitiFact fact-checks the Jan. 10 Sunday shows

We look at two things Donald Trump said about foreign policy on Meet the Press.    • 3 things to know about 'the gun show loophole'   • Does Vladimir Putin kill journalists?  

Does Vladimir Putin kill journalists?

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says "it has not been proven" that Russian President Vladimir Putin kills journalists who don't agree with him. Proof against Putin is lacking, but the political climate in Russia has enabled the murders of at least 34 reporters since 2000.

Fact-checking the Jan. 3 Sunday shows

The Sunday shows dissect President Obama's looming action on gun control and the missed votes of some senators in the presidential race.