Now it's easier to share the facts

Now it's easier to Share the Facts. (Duke Reporters' Lab)
Now it's easier to Share the Facts. (Duke Reporters' Lab)

You may have noticed a new feature at the bottom of our fact-checks in recent weeks that makes it even easier to share our work.

It's called Share the Facts, and it's a product of the Duke Reporters’ Lab.

The widget summarizes the claim being checked and the fact-checker’s conclusion in a mobile-friendly format. It allows you with one click to share the facts on Facebook or Twitter, or you can embed the widget on your webpage. The widget is free to use.

"Share the Facts is part of the antidote to the massive spread of misinformation. We all know how quickly falsehoods can spread on the Internet. Now readers have a simple tool to fight back with facts," said Aaron Sharockman, the executive director of PolitiFact.

The widget also is appearing on other fact-checking websites The Washington Post, and

Share the Facts was developed by the Duke Reporters’ Lab and Jigsaw, a technology incubator within Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

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