Statements we say are False

"Qataris don't really work."

"As unbelievable as it sounds, your tax dollars are funding the federal government's Zombie Apocalypse Plan. I kid you not."

"Congress has cut funding, has slashed funding, for veterans' benefits over these last years."

"20 percent of the time (smart guns) won't work."

The media "widely overlooked" comments made by former President Bill Clinton that Hillary Clinton had a terrible concussion that took six months to recover from.  

Says Hillary Clinton spent 30 days in the hospital in 2012 and appeared "wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury."  

The incandescent light bulb "has no effect whatever on the planet."     

After the attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, "the ambassador's body was dragged through the street."  

Says Attorney General Eric Holder recently revealed "this idea to have government have gun owners wear special bracelets that would identify you as a gun owner."

"Some of the wealthiest Americans are African-American now."

"Social science is irrefutable" that children are better off being raised by a mom and a dad.

Liberals have figured out a Facebook algorithm and "all the people getting banned from Facebook are somehow conservatives."  

"ObamaCare enrollment lie: Obama counts an enrollee as a web user putting a plan in ‘their online shopping carts.’"

The health care law reduces "the number of uninsured in America by 3 percent for how much money? $2 trillion."

A North Carolina study proves that "probably over a million people voted twice in (the 2012) election."

"The numbers of people that support Obamacare and like it have been steadily dropping."

Wisconsin is "one of the bluest" states, but under Scott Walker its unemployment rate "is around 3.5%."

The American slave trade caused 5 million deaths "or more."

President Barack Obama shut down NASA space flights and turned the agency "into a Muslim outreach department."

Millennials are "more pro-life than baby boomers and older Americans."  

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