Statements we say are Half-True

Buried in the Affordable Care Act is "a huge government bailout."

The federal health care law tells "the American people precisely what type of coverage they have to have."

"A quarter of our workers make $18,000 per year."

"There never really was a 'Hastert Rule.' "

"Every dollar spent in the new Obamacare system ... goes to private-sector insurance companies."

A gun "background check is futile. Something like 42 (people during the) last year … were prosecuted for trying to buy a gun with a criminal record out of 11 million."

"The CBO just said if we cut this (unemployment benefits) extension, we will kill jobs, because those people who are looking for work won't have any money to spend."

"FACT: Repealing Obamacare would be easier than repealing Prohibition."

It's a good sign for Obamacare that in California, "the proportion of kids who are signing up is the proportion of kids in the population."

Obamacare is a "massive, massive income redistribution" with "$250 billion a year in Medicaid expansion (and) in the subsidy structure that's basically being paid for by people on Medicare, through Medicare cuts, and a lot of tax increases."

"Black people kill more black people every six months than the KKK did in 86 years."

"You've got more people wanting to go moose hunting in New Hampshire than want Obamacare."    

Says Barack Obama’s approval rating "is right in the average" for second-term presidents at this point.

Says Thomas Jefferson said, "You might be able to fool the people for awhile, and they may go astray, but sooner or later the American people are going to wake up and they will correct the course."

Obamacare "was the Republican plan in the early '90s."

Says Chris Christie fired 6,000 teachers.

"Only 14 percent of Americans were able to keep these individual market plans for two years" before Obamacare became law.

Shutdowns are "a normal part of the constitutional process," with 12 shutdowns under Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill and two during his own speakership.

Since 2007, "Texas has gained 440,000 people" while "Maryland has lost 20,000."

"Gangs have increased by 40 percent since this president was elected."

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