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Al Sharpton went to Ferguson, Mo., and is "declaring as a matter of fact that ... Michael Brown didn't use any deadly force or posed no deadly threat to the officer."

Says President Barack Obama released a statement on the "death of brother Robin Williams before ... a statement on brother Michael Brown."

The No. 1 cause of death for African-American males 15-34 is murder.

Says Keene, N.H., requested a "military-grade armored personnel truck," citing their annual Pumpkin Festival as "a possible target" for terrorists.

"Black voter turnout in 2012 exceeded the rate of white voter turnout, even in the states with the strictest voter ID laws."

"The number of terrorists out there" has doubled.

FIFA "pressured Brazil into passing a so-called Budweiser bill, allowing beer sales in soccer stadiums."

"Cantor's campaign spent more at steakhouses than Brat spent on his entire campaign."

"Cantor's campaign spent more at steakhouses than Brat spent on his entire campaign."

Brazil built a $300 million stadium in the Amazon rainforest that "is only going to be used for four World Cup games," and there’s no team "that can fill it afterwards."

The Israelis "gave up 1,000 terrorists in return for one sergeant."

"It's been nearly three weeks since the president has commented" on questions about possible hidden wait lists at veterans hospitals.

"A white family is likely to have about six times as much wealth than a black or Hispanic family coming out of the recession."

Before "our last three presidents, you have to go back to the 1800s, early 1800s to find three presidents in a row being consecutively re-elected."

"The Koch brothers are one of the biggest polluters in the country."

Says Abraham Lincoln tried to buy slaves' freedom in border states, but the states "all rejected it."

"The majority support (raising) the minimum wage."

"Crimea became part of Ukraine only in 1954. Crimea was historically part of Russia, and (Nikita) Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine in a gesture that mystified some people."

"When the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport needed to stop its earthquake spike a few years ago, they temporarily shut down the wells that were injecting fracking fluid into the ground ... (and) those earthquakes stopped."

The words "subhuman mongrel," which Ted Nugent called President Barack Obama, were used by the Nazis to "justify the genocide of the Jewish community."

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