Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Aaron Sharockman

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Aaron Sharockman is editor of PunditFact, a website dedicated to checking claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers and the hosts and guests of talk shows. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Government & Politics editor for the Tampa Bay Times and an editor and writer for PolitiFact. He has been a government and politics writer with the Times since 2003. Sharockman is a graduate of Indiana University.


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Pot calling the kettle black


Katrina changed things


Cuts ≠ Disbanding the reserve


Data only go back to 1970s, not all of U.S. history

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Many are in for sneaking over the border

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Donald Trump tried to explain his comments about Sen. John McCain, while Republicans criticized the proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

Trump defends 'hero' comments Sunday on ABC

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would not apologize Sunday for claiming Sen. John McCain wasn't a war hero.

The Planned Parenthood video in context

An anti-abortion activist group released a video that they say proves Planned Parenthood "sells the body parts of aborted fetuses." Is it misleading?

PolitiFact Sheet: The Gender Pay Gap

The 77-cent wage gap statistic has been one of the consistent cries, mainly of Democrats, over the last seven years. But critics say the wage gap is more fiction than anything. What are the facts? Our PolitiFact Sheet on the gender wage gap explains.   • What is Jade Helm 15?  • PolitiFact Wisconsin: Scott Walker on the Truth-O-Meter

PunditFact: When did Hillary Clinton wipe her email server clean?

A CNN correspondent says the Clinton campaign hasn't provided a clear answer.   • Scott Walker on the Truth-O-Meter

When did Hillary Clinton wipe clean her private email server?

A CNN correspondent says the Clinton campaign hasn't provided a clear answer to a seemingly simple question.

Fact-checking Alan Grayson, candidate for U.S. Senate

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson will challenge U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy in a Democratic primary in 2016, vying for the seat held by Sen. Marco Rubio.   

PolitiFact's Top 5 for June 2015

We fact-checked statements about the Confederate flag debate in South Carolina, Caitlyn Jenner, and Hillary Clinton.   • International fact-checkers focus on fake photos • Donald Trump on the Truth-O-Meter • Were the founding fathers 'ordinary people'?

No, undocumented immigrants are not tied to 50% of Texas murders

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5 myths about immigration

PolitiFact and PunditFact have published more than 400 fact-checks dealing with immigration since 2007. Here are five myths about the hot-topic issue.