Aaron Sharockman

Executive director

Aaron Sharockman is the executive director of PolitiFact. Aaron oversees PolitiFact’s operations, development and revenue, assists in our journalistic mission, manages our state partnerships and lead efforts to develop new products for PolitiFact users. He also helps coordinate some of our special products, including our debate coverage and our media appearances. Aaron has been with PolitiFact since 2010 and served most recently as the editor of PunditFact, a website dedicated to checking claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers and the hosts and guests of talk shows. Aaron graduated from Indiana University.


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Pants on Fire!

Lifted from the website of a contemporary artist


Wants judges he thinks "maybe could change things."

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PolitiFact will soon announce our Lie of the Year -- the most significant falsehood of 2016, as chosen by our editors and reporters. We're also inviting readers to vote for the Readers' Choice award.

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A lot of you have asked, so we won’t hold back the news any longer: Yes, absolutely, we’ll be tracking the campaign promises of Donald Trump.

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We're fighting back against fake news.

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President-Elect Donald Trump on the Truth-O-Meter.

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It seemed the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server reached a standstill in July after FBI Director James Comey said she should not be prosecuted. But a letter Comey sent to Congress Oct. 28 has thrust Clinton’s questionable email setup back into the headlines, with just over a week to go until Election Day.  We have 11 questions (and answers) to get you up to speed on the latest developments.

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Hillary Clinton and her campaign have sought to cast doubt on the authenticity of thousands of emails leaked by WikiLeaks. Have they been altered?

The 3rd presidential debate, annotated

PolitiFact is annotating the third and final presidential debate at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. We will be posting the transcript and our annotations through the night. Follow us on Medium and check back regularly to see our commentary.

Live fact-checking the third Trump, Clinton presidential debate

PolitiFact has 20 staffers working Wednesday's third and final presidential debate. Follow their live coverage here.