Amy Hollyfield

Deputy Managing Editor/Politics & Business, Tampa Bay Times

Amy Hollyfield is the Deputy Managing Editor/Politics & Business for the Tampa Bay Times, overseeing state and national political coverage, including bureaus in Tallahassee and Washington, and PolitiFact, PunditFact and PolitiFact Florida. PolitiFact was awarded the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. In addition, Amy oversees business news, Perspective and Floridian magazine. Amy has worked at the Times for more than 15 years, after previous stints at the Miami Herald and Florida Today.

Email: ahollyfield@tampabay.com

The latest Truth-O-Meter items from Amy Hollyfield

Mostly True

Improvement since the last State of the Union, in fact

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

We have cut "our deficits by almost three-quarters."

— PolitiFact National


In some places, coverage is nearly universal but not a right


They have risen -- but only a tiny amount

Mostly True

Though he has voted for the exception

Pants on Fire!

It lives!

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