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Jon Greenberg is a staff writer with PunditFact. He was part of the PolitiFact team during the 2012 presidential election. Prior to that, he was executive editor at New Hampshire Public Radio and a Washington reporter for National Public Radio. He has twice won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for investigative reporting.


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"More whites than blacks are victims of deadly police shootings."

A "regulatory thing" means you can’t show someone drinking beer on camera.

"Far more children died last year drowning in their bathtubs than were killed accidentally by guns."

"Having a baby is a leading cause of poverty spells in the United States."

Top U.S. intelligence officials have told "every member of Congress, including the president, we’re about to be attacked in a serious way because (of) the threat emanating from Syria and Iraq."

"The leader of ISIS was imprisoned by American troops and ordered released to Iraq by Obama administration in 2009."

President Barack Obama’s latest executive order "mandates the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of ‘respiratory illness.’"

Women "own just 1 percent of the world’s land."

The people who want President Barack Obama impeached "are all white, they're all older, and guess what, they're in the far right wing of the Republican Party."  

"The best evidence is that you lose -- if you use marijuana as a teenager regularly -- eight IQ points."    

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The Sunday shows debated President Barack Obama's decision to conduct airstrikes in Iraq.

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Fact-checking the Aug. 3 news shows

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