Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Katie Sanders

PunditFact Staff Writer

Katie Sanders is a PunditFact staff writer based in St. Petersburg, Fla. Before PunditFact, she wrote for PolitiFact Florida from the Tallahassee bureau of the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, where she majored in journalism and English.


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Obama publicly wanted the full withrawal

Mostly True

Adds a new angle to the Happy Meal


Several allies did not sign up for strikes


Update: Hill says he misspoke

Recent stories from Katie Sanders

Fact-checking claims about domestic violence, Ray Rice

The release of a video showing NFL running back Ray Rice striking his now-wife in an Atlantic City, N.J., casino elevator revived conversations about domestic violence on politics and sports shows alike. Also on PunditFact: View our TV network scorecards; See our most-recent Pants on Fire claims; Learn about our new website. 

PunditFact fact-checks the Sept. 14 news shows

Pundits discussed President Barack Obama's plan to defeat the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, as well as the NFL's handling of the Ray Rice case.

Fact-checking the Sept. 14 news shows

Pundits discussed the NFL's handling of the Ray Rice investigation and the options to defeat the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Fact-checking the latest claims about the Islamic State

In light of President Barack Obama's speech about Islamic State on Wednesday night, we review some of our recent fact-checks. 

Claims about McDonald's hit the Truth-O-Meter

Internet claims about the Golden Arches soared around social media ahead of a planned Sept. 4 strike by fast food workers in support of a $15 hourly wage and union rights. Is it really more profitable to work at a McDonald's in Copenhagen over Cleveland?

Fact-checking claims about the Islamic State

The violent terrorist group that calls itself the Islamic State is eliciting fear from all corners of the world after its brutal advances through Iraq this summer, including the slaughter of religious minorities and soldiers and the video-recorded beheadings of two American journalists.

PunditFact fact-checks the Aug. 31 news shows

Pundits and policitians offered their opinions on how the United States should handle the Islamic State.

Fact-checking the Aug. 31 news shows

President Barack Obama said last week the United States doesn't yet have a military strategy to deal with the Islamic State. So pundits made some suggestions.

Fact-checking claims about race after Ferguson shooting

The shooting of 18-year-old African-American Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer has led to a broader discussion of race in America. PunditFact has recently fact-checked several claims centering on race.  

Head into the gubernatorial primary with the facts on your side

PolitiFact Florida has checked statements by Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist -- and we even paid some attention to Nan Rich, too!