TV statements

"I had the lowest net worth of any American president in the 20th century when I took office."

"NASA scientists fudged the numbers to make 1998 the hottest year to overstate the extent of global warming."

Says President Barack Obama said when "we got bin Laden, terrorism problem solved."

The IRS "also investigated liberal groups, groups that had progressive in their name. ... The IRS was basically looking at everybody."

"The number of terrorists out there" has doubled.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was "released by Obama in 2009."

"There are 278 Republicans in Congress. (With Eric Cantor's defeat), they are now all Christian and all white except for one black senator, who was appointed."

Says Eric Cantor "was the co-author of the House GOP principles on immigration reform. Both the 'New York Times' and the 'Washington Post' said that that captured the essence of what was in the Senate immigration bill."

FIFA "pressured Brazil into passing a so-called Budweiser bill, allowing beer sales in soccer stadiums."

"Cantor's campaign spent more at steakhouses than Brat spent on his entire campaign."

In February, John McCain "suggested" the Bergdahl-Taliban swap that he now calls "outrageous and dangerous."

The Obama administration "went to court to keep one of these five in jail at Guantanamo just three years ago because he was such a huge risk."

"Only one out of 10 minimum wage workers today are teen age or a young person."

The Israelis "gave up 1,000 terrorists in return for one sergeant."

"The Pentagon made up" the since-debunked heroics of POW Jessica Lynch as she tried to avoid capture in Iraq.  

Redskins is "used historically" as "a term of respect."

"We’ve seen a remarkable reduction in the number of Americans being executed -- it’s down nearly two-thirds over the past generation."  

"We're fifth in the world (in executions), behind China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia."

"Qataris don't really work."

Says Hillary Clinton "defended Syria’s President Assad as a possible reformer at the start of that country’s civil war."

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