All Half-True statements involving FOX

"Right now, one third of all illegal aliens are going to California."  

The Obama administration "went to court to keep one of these five in jail at Guantanamo just three years ago because he was such a huge risk."

Says Hillary Clinton "defended Syria’s President Assad as a possible reformer at the start of that country’s civil war."

In the Georgia-Russia conflict, "we flew a brigade of Georgian soldiers" from Iran to Georgia and "sent U.S. ships into the Black Sea and provided various kinds of supplies."  

"When you read the Koran, it talks about don't take Christians and Jews as your friends."

"Of all the jobs President Obama claims to have created since he started, only 38.5 percent are women. So 61.5 percent have gone to men."

Businesses "will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that Obamacare was not a motivating factor" for cutting staff.

Says Marshawn Lynch is "second all-time in terms of average yards per rush only to Terrell Davis."

A gun "background check is futile. Something like 42 (people during the) last year … were prosecuted for trying to buy a gun with a criminal record out of 11 million."

Obamacare is a "massive, massive income redistribution" with "$250 billion a year in Medicaid expansion (and) in the subsidy structure that's basically being paid for by people on Medicare, through Medicare cuts, and a lot of tax increases."

Obamacare "was the Republican plan in the early '90s."

Says Allen West helped thwart a terrorist plot by shooting a gun in the direction of an Iraqi detainee, then reported the incident to his superior and said it was wrong.

The majority of people in polls do "not support Obamacare."

"The 2000 Census cost $4.5 billion. The 2010 Census is set to cost up to $14.5 billion."

"Thomas Jefferson created the Marines for the Islamic pirates that were happening."

"There were more people at the Air and Space Museum" than at a rally against the health care bills.

"Husbands rarely beat up their wives. Single women get beaten up more."

Obama used to be a lawyer for ACORN.

Van Jones signed a petition indicating he "thinks the Bush administration blew up the World Trade Center and covered it up."

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