Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

NBC's file



This scorecard shows the ratings for statements made on air by MSNBC and NBC personalities and their pundit guests. Rulings do not include statements made on air by politicians or paid spokespeople. Read more about our network scorecards here.

Statements made on NBC

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  • True9 (%) (9)
  • Mostly True24 (%) (24)
  • Half True25 (%) (25)
  • Mostly False23 (%) (23)
  • False21 (%) (21)
  • Pants on Fire4 (%)(4)

Recent statements made on NBC

Pants on Fire!

The quote came from an adviser to Gov. Rick Scott

Mostly False

A stretch by most definitions

Mostly False

White men yes, but most fall in the middle

Mostly False

Health care wackiness: prices ≠ costs


Less than seniors, about the same as boomers

Mostly True

They are wearing uniforms, but with no markings


A claim too simple for a global economy