TV statements made on NBC

"There never really was a 'Hastert Rule.' "

The United States is "behind many countries in Europe in terms of the ability of every kid in America to get ahead."

"Every dollar spent in the new Obamacare system ... goes to private-sector insurance companies."

"About 40 percent of workers don’t ... have a single paid sick day."

Says Rep. Steve Stockman "basically wants gun-filled zones in schools."  

The "priorities" of more than three-quarters of Americans are to increase the minimum wage, create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and require background checks for gun buyers.

"8.5 million Americans have gotten rebate checks because their insurance companies were spending too much money on executive bonuses and administrative costs and not enough on health care."

Says Barack Obama’s approval rating "is right in the average" for second-term presidents at this point.

Under Obama, the national debt "has been reduced every year for the last five years."

"Social Security took seven years before anybody got the first check."

Says Chris Christie fired 6,000 teachers.

"Rand Paul’s speech ... on 'Gattaca' was totally ripped off of Wikipedia."  

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