Statements from the Rhode Island: 2010 Governor's race

Republican candidate for governor Ken Block was "fined and had to admit that (he) funneled money illegally to the Moderate Party."

His biography says he was the top ROTC officer in the nation.

Says Lincoln Chafee "settled a union strike by giving the teachers a 19-percent-raise."

"Rhode Island has a very generous unemployment compensation rate compared to most other states."

"1 in 4 Rhode Islanders under the age of 65 does not have health insurance."  

"(I) helped to invent a system that saved over a billion dollars on welfare."

"Mr. Caprio is a career politician who has never worked in the private sector."

Lincoln Chafee "voted with President George W. Bush and the conservative leadership 76% of the time."

"I remember one of [Curt Schilling's] teammates said he painted his sock, the bloody sock."

Because of union rules, cooks helpers moved into DMV jobs they were not trained for

Democrats say Chafee wants to tax equipment that enables amputee veterans to drive

If Rhode Island applied a 1-percent sales tax on all items exempt from sales tax, ''the state would receive an additional $89,376,857.''

"Fifty-three percent of teens in Central Falls are getting pregnant."

“If every small business in our state, on average, was able to create one new job we would cut our unemployment rate in half.”

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