Statements from the Rhode Island: 2010 U.S. House -- District 1's race

"According to one study, the minimum wage today is worth $2 less than in 1968."

 "Congressman Cicilline, when he was the mayor of Providence, espoused a sanctuary city."

"The Providence Economic Development Partnership . . .which you [Cicilline] chaired, loaned $103,000 in taxpayer funds to one of your campaign workers. The worker never paid back the loan."

"We will spend $100 billion in Afghanistan this year, fixing roads, building bridges, training police officers, and more, [and] cutting the same things in our own country."

Says that as Providence’s mayor, David Cicilline said the city had a "world-class … school system. Not only did Providence not have a world-class school system but as measured, was amongst the last school system in the entire country."

"(Brendan) Doherty wants to raise the eligibility age for Social Security benefits for anyone born after 1960, with no regard for the challenges it would cause for people working in physically demanding occupations."

Tells David Cicilline, "94 percent of the carbon emissions which you so want to get rid of are caused by nature."

"As a state representative, David Cicilline argued against Megan's Law and voted against mandatory registration of sex offenders."

 Says "John Loughlin voted to let people accused of domestic violence keep their guns."

"Social Security is a Ponzi scheme."

"The Republican candidate [John Loughlin] has talked about privatizing Social Security ... so we know where he stands on the issue."

After Ronald Reagan cut taxes in 1981 the U.S. enjoyed "exponential growth."

"Bill Lynch told three lies in ten seconds"

Cicilline "continues to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbyist, corporate PAC and insider money to fund his campaign."

Transporting drugs "is the price of admission" for people crossing the border illegally.

Providence has "the lowest crime rate in three decades."

He has "ushered in $3 billion in new investment."

Rhode Island voters are moving away from the Democratic party to non-affiliation

"As Washington debates cracking down on the big Wall Street banks, I’ve passed legislation that does so."

Blue Cross’ new $90-million Providence headquarters "was outfitted with $25 million in decor."

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