Statements we say are False

"Nazi imagery [was used] by the Block for Governor campaign to describe supporters of Allan Fung for Governor."

"The increase in the garbage tax that [Mayor Allan Fung] imposed in Cranston for some people has been as much as $200."

On the last night of the General Assembly, "by 11 o'clock 95 to 98 percent of the business was done. So we really didn't have that late-night session. We were just holding on one bill."

The Pell bridge "is a tourism bridge essentially and not a commuter bridge."

Under a bill before the legislature, "you’d have to go to court to fire an employee."

"Rhode Island’s teen binge drinking rate is double the national average."

"Only 25 percent of what people buy is subject to Rhode Island’s sales tax."

"Under Mayor Cicilline, [Providence] was a sanctuary city."

Rhode Island's unemployment insurance system "is the most expensive such system in the country."

"Local law enforcement . . . will have access to the [Obamacare] Data Hub’s treasure trove of personal info."

"Wind power is the most undependable form of renewable energy."

"Rhode Island has the highest percentage of lawyers per capita in the country."

"We have no idea what is contained in [electronic cigarette] vapor."  

Rhode Island's graduated driving license "has saved hundreds of lives."

"The average student comes out of college hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt."

In Cranston, it costs $5,000 to $6,000 to send out community notifications on just one Level 3 sex offender.

Assertions that it makes no difference whether children are raised by heterosexual or homosexual parents have been "shattered by the latest and best social science and research."

"Any legislative action that is taken now could very well be rendered completely null and void by the decision of the Supreme Court expected this June."

"There is no clinical evidence that vaccinating healthcare workers protects patients."

"Lots of studies seem to indicate that minors find it very easy to get marijuana, easier than to get alcohol."

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