Statements we say are False

President Obama gave Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood one and a half billion dollars.

Says when Rhode Island Lottery was proposed, "state residents were enticed to vote for it with the promise that the money would be used for education." 

Giant companies like Toyota will not locate in a state that has not passed a right-to-work law

"There are more atheists in the country right now than Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists combined and doubled."

"Martin Luther King was a Republican."

The InterLink at T.F. Green Airport is the closest air-rail link in the country.

"[If] you apply for a job, the chances are 1 in 7 that you are going to be denied that job unfairly if everybody is forced to use E-Verify."

"Our tax code is . . . 80,000 pages."

"Hydrogen sulfide . . . [was] used in the genocide of Jews in Germany. "

"Rhode Island is leading our nation in foreclosures."

"For the past eight years, Gov. Carcieri and Mrs. Carcieri would host the lighting of the State House Christmas tree."

"If they made no changes whatsoever, the [state employees pension] plan still had enough money to go forward for approximately the next 16 years."

"The job [of correctional officer] lowers your life expectancy . . . Metropolitan did a study in, I believe it was 1998, and the life expectancy was 58."

"Sixty-percent of the state retirees...don’t get Social Security.’’

"If Rhode Island does a hybrid [retirement] plan we’ll be the first state in the nation to do this.’’

"Minimum wage = $16,000/year CEO-Goldman Sachs (Lloyd Blankfein) $16,000/Hour."

"Foster children are disproportionately victims of identity theft."

"The reality is that we have roughly 15,000 undocumented immigrants living in the state..."

"The studies have shown us that [drug testing for welfare recipients] will be saving us money"

Providence's port is "200 miles closer to Europe than any other Eastern port."

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