Statements we say are False

Providence's port is "200 miles closer to Europe than any other Eastern port."

Thirty-seven percent of Central Falls’ retired police officers and firefighters are out on disability pensions; in most municipalities, about 5 percent of retirees collect disability pensions.

Statistically, law-enforcement officers die 10 years earlier than the general population.

"Dubious taxpayer-funded stimulus projects in Rhode Island include … $250,000 to provide digital television to the state’s inmate population."

"Most of your serial killers, most of your people who commit domestic violence, they start off by abusing animals."

The Providence teacher contract "is one of the longest in the country."

"I'm well aware that medical marijuana is a recognized, medical, viable treatment for this sort of [pancreas] pain condition."

"A [bank] surveillance camera capturing a criminal’s face and other identifiable traits would certainly discourage robbery attempts and serve as a deterrent to robbers."

"What we have now is the most generous, in my opinion, 'good time' bill in the entire United States."

"The most significant driver of out-migration [from Rhode Island] is the estate tax."

"Massachusetts public schools teach kids as young as kindergartners about gay marriage."

Sheldon Whitehouse and 18 other senators "voted to censor the internet."

"Rhode Island is one of only six states" to use E-Verify.

Says Peter Kilmartin has "only three years experience in his own law practice."

Tells David Cicilline, "94 percent of the carbon emissions which you so want to get rid of are caused by nature."

Says Christopher Little has "a history of working against environmental protection by defending the worst types of corporate polluters"

Says Peter Kilmartin voted "in favor of expanding the 'good behavior' statute to sex offenders."

"Social Security is a Ponzi scheme."

I "kicked crooked cops and government officials off the public pension rolls."

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