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In June 2012 "we actually had more people go on Social Security Disability [85,000] ... than the 80,000 jobs that were created."

"In 2010, Mr. [Anthony] Gemma described himself as a 'pro-life' candidate. Now, he claims to be pro-choice."

"Rhode Islanders pay among the highest auto repair bills in the nation."

"Under current law, if you go on a dating website and you say you're 32 and you're actually 42, you've committed a misdemeanor."

Rhode Island has the "worst maintained bridges in the United States of America . . . and we have the second worst maintained roads [behind] Alaska."

"The legislature was never given the opportunity to debate or vote on loaning $75 million to 38 Studios."

"Over the past five years the federal government has paid out $601 million in retirement and disability benefits to deceased former federal employees."

"When these [undocumented] students graduate from college, they're still illegal aliens. They cannot get a job."

"We have to recognize that our salaries for faculty are the lowest in New England with the exception of the University of Maine."

"Rhode Island’s exports have increased by 53 percent in the last two years."

"This is the only state in the country that bypassed the General Assembly to authorize [in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants]."

"Every poll you see, the overwhelming majority of people want [E-Verify]."

"More than 27,000 Rhode Island jobs depend on trade with Canada."

"There are a lot of casinos across the country that have gone bankrupt."

Rhode Island has the "the second-most heavily deployed National Guard in the United States."

"We aren't the only state cutting back on public television."

"After filing a lawsuit in Rhode Island, we reached an agreement with state agencies that resulted in more voters being registered in the first full month after our lawsuit than in the entire previous two-year reporting period."

"Rhode Island already gets more revenue per capita from gambling than any other state in the country."

"The American healthcare system burns 18 percent of our national GDP. Nobody else is close."

"Nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended."

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