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Alex Kuffner has been a staff writer for the Providence Journal since 2000 and has most recently written about energy and the environment. He has a bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies and a master’s degree in journalism, both from Columbia University.


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"We have to recognize that our salaries for faculty are the lowest in New England with the exception of the University of Maine."

Gas prices have gone up 99 percent since Obama became president, "the highest gas price increase since Carter."

"The number of new businesses started per year has dropped by 100,000 during this president’s term."

"Rhode Island’s exports have increased by 53 percent in the last two years."

The "Buffett rule" "raises virtually no money, maybe a day and a half of our borrowing per year."

"This is the only state in the country that bypassed the General Assembly to authorize [in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants]."

If Rhode Island raises the meal and beverage tax to 10 percent, it would be the "fourth-highest in the nation."

"Every poll you see, the overwhelming majority of people want [E-Verify]."

"We have $60 billion in 2010 in Medicare fraud."

"There are a lot of casinos across the country that have gone bankrupt."

Recent stories from Alex Kuffner
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Half-time flushes disable sewage plants.

It's the worst day of the year for domestic violence.

It's the best day of the year for pizza and beer sales.

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