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C. Eugene Emery Jr.

PolitiFact correspondent

C. Eugene Emery Jr. comes to PolitiFact national after 40 years as reporter for the Providence Journal. He was a founding staff member of PolitiFact Rhode Island. While at the Journal, he was a science and medical writer, covered municipal governments throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, and managed the Journal’s Massachusetts bureau. He was part of the Journal’s Commerce & Consumer team, then its Breaking News team, before joining PolitiFact Rhode Island in 2010. He has done freelance medical writing for Reuters since 1982. Emery has a bachelor of science degree in biology and a bachelor of arts degree in political science, both from Brown University.

Email: gemery@cox.net

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Top 1 percent isn't getting "almost all" new income

Pants on Fire!

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Donald Trump, Mexico--and Morocco

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Chafee declares; Here’s his PolitiFact scorecard

So Lincoln Chafee — Rhode Island’s Republican-independent-Democrat — is running for President.   The former governor of the smallest —  and at times quirkiest —  state has a PolitiFact record that is as mixed as his political lineage. During the four years that the former Republican U.S. senator served as first the independent and then the Democratic governor of Rhode Island, only once did PolitiFact judge one of his statements Half True.   More often, the Truth-O-Meter swung back and forth from True to False as Chafee battled a stagnant economy and a hostile General Assembly.

500 Truth-O-Meter rulings -- and counting

PolitiFact Rhode Island marks a milestone today -- our 500th Truth-O-Meter ruling. When The Providence Journal began our partnership with PolitiFact.com in June 2010, few in Rhode Island had heard of the organization, and few other news organizations had formal fact-checking operations. More than four years later, PolitiFact has become a verb in the Ocean State, as in "I’d better be careful what I say or they might ‘PolitiFact’ me. More:

PolitiFact R.I. launches Gina-Meter

During her long campaign for governor, Gina Raimondo talked at length about Rhode Island’s problems and what she’d do about them if elected. She made promises on issues ranging from jobs, education and transportation to gun control,  business regulations and aid for veterans. Will she keep them? To help voters keep score, PolitiFact Rhode Island has launched the Gina-Meter to track Raimondo’s progress.