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Sheldon Whitehouse and 18 other senators "voted to censor the internet."

Providence teachers "can go five or six years without an evaluation."

"Over half of the foreign-born population in Rhode Island is white."

"Rhode Island is one of only six states" to use E-Verify.

"Of the states that have a lieutenant governor, many are currently discussing the need for such an obsolete office."

"As a state representative, David Cicilline argued against Megan's Law and voted against mandatory registration of sex offenders."

 Says "John Loughlin voted to let people accused of domestic violence keep their guns."

His biography says he was the top ROTC officer in the nation.

Says Peter Kilmartin voted "in favor of expanding the 'good behavior' statute to sex offenders."

"Social Security is a Ponzi scheme."

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Truth be told, PolitiFact Rhode Island turns 3!

There's a match being lit, but it's not being used to set someone's pants on fire.

It's to light three birthday candles.

PolitiFact Rhode Island is now three years old.

We think it's a cause for celebration and, from what our readers have told us, they have reason to celebrate as well.

What's in a name?

We've examined two claims made recently by gubernatorial candidates Frank Caprio and Lincoln Chafee.

Caprio attacked Chafee for his handling of a 1990s teachers' dispute in Warwick.  We ruled Caprio's claim Half True.

Chafee said changing Rhode Island's official name would require amending the U.S. Constitution. We couldn't rule definitively on that, but decided to share our research anyway.

Gemma says he's more 'linked' than Obama

Like most political candidates these days, Democrat Anthony Gemma is using new media outlets, from Facebook to Twitter, to get his message out and keep in touch with voters. In fact, Gemma says he is making his web expertise a key part of his strategy in running for Congress in Rhode Island"s 1st Congressional District.

One of Gemma's claims in particular, about topping President Obama on LinkedIn, a networking site, caught our attention. So we took a closer look.

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