Statements about Environment

"There are more oil rigs in operation in the United States than the rest of the world combined."

"Under the Obama administration, we are drilling and producing more domestic energy supplies than we ever had before."

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks grounded commercial air traffic, "there was a temperature drop while the airplanes weren't flying, for the week afterwards."

"No one in Rhode Island -- not just children, no one in Rhode Island -- should eat more than one serving of freshwater fish caught in our state each month."

"People who wash cars at home will use approximately 80 percent more water than they do in a car wash."

"We came out against Deepwater and everybody is now paying for [the project] in their electric bills."

President Obama's refusal to grant permits for offshore drilling is one reason gasoline prices are soaring.

"[Renewable energy] projects . . . get us off foreign oil and away, step by step, from these foreign entanglements that we have to get into to defend our oil supply."

"Hydrogen sulfide . . . [was] used in the genocide of Jews in Germany. "

In Rhode Island, "only 5 percent of ozone pollution is from local or in-state sources. . . Ninety-five percent comes from outside of our borders, particularly the Midwest."

"It’s just crazy that the government will ... make it illegal to use the old [incandescent] bulbs."

"For every [coyote] they kill, the population will replace and usually multiply."

Woonsocket needs a garbage-burning power plant because "residents are paying through the nose for electricity that’s fueled by foreign oil, at prices that are skyrocketing."

"New England already has access to ample supplies of natural gas."

If the Stamp Farm wind turbine is built, the "health risk of 'flicker' impact created by shadows of blades of turbines poses real and significant health risks, particularly seizures."

"We were one of the first states in the U.S. to build sewers, to bring the treatment plant on line."

Tells David Cicilline, "94 percent of the carbon emissions which you so want to get rid of are caused by nature."

Says Christopher Little has "a history of working against environmental protection by defending the worst types of corporate polluters"

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