Statements about Federal Budget

"The American healthcare system burns 18 percent of our national GDP. Nobody else is close."

"Dubious taxpayer-funded" stimulus spending -- Part II.

The WIC program "is an incredibly cost effective program, serving nearly 10 million Americans each year and costing less than $100 per person. In my district, more than 18 percent of residents suffer from food insecurity and depend on WIC to make ends meet."

Members of Congress "receive full pay retirement after serving one term."

"The federal government borrows $4 billion every day."

Says James Langevin voted to spend "$3 billion for a jet engine no one wants."

"It costs us, logistically, three times more to fight in Afghanistan than it does in any other place."

After Ronald Reagan cut taxes in 1981 the U.S. enjoyed "exponential growth."

"(I) helped to invent a system that saved over a billion dollars on welfare."

"The Congressional Budget Office estimates that for every $1 we spend on unemployment benefits, $1.90 is put into our economy."

The U.S. deficit "increases at $3 million per second."

"When George Bush took office, President Clinton, a Democrat, and the Democratic Congress at the time had left an annual budget that was in surplus."

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