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"The average age of the minimum wage worker is 35 years old."

"By a two-to-one margin, Rhode Islanders want to ban assault weapons and we have a very small percentage of gun owners in this state, less than 13 percent."

Rhode Island is "almost dead last" among Northeastern states in the length of time first-degree murderers must spend in prison before they’re eligible for parole.

"Since 1988, Congress has raised its own salary 15 times 'to reflect rising costs.' But raised the minimum wage only three times."

Rhode Island's unemployment insurance system "is the most expensive such system in the country."

"Thirteen hundred" applicants in Rhode Island signed up for insurance through Obamacare.

In Rhode Island, 9 percent of workers use the state's temporary disability insurance program each year while in New Jersey, the rate is only 3 percent.

"We have one of the most expensive General Assemblies, per capita, in the entire country."

"The average age of first marijuana use is 12."

Rhode Island has "the most burdensome level of health-insurance mandates in the nation."

"Rhode Islanders pay among the highest auto repair bills in the nation."

"Unemployment rate dropped in every state that elected a Republican gov. in 2010"

"Rhode Island’s exports have increased by 53 percent in the last two years."

"This is the only state in the country that bypassed the General Assembly to authorize [in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants]."

"There are a lot of casinos across the country that have gone bankrupt."

"Rhode Island is the only state where officers at state-supported [colleges] carry out their duties unarmed."

Rhode Island has the "the second-most heavily deployed National Guard in the United States."

After Arizona banned smoking in "all public places" in 2007, "admissions for acute myocardial infarction … stroke, asthma, [and] angina decreased following the implementation of the ban."

"If you look at states that are right to work, they constantly do not have budget deficits and they have very good business climates."

"Rhode Island is leading our nation in foreclosures."

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