After the Fact

Ted Cruz

Cruz campaign: 'How can what Cruz said be false when he quoted CNN’s tweet directly?'

After we published our fact-check, Cruz spokesman Brian Phillips emailed us a tweet from CNN that reads, "After the #IAcaucus, @RealBenCarson plans to take a break from campaigning"

"How can what Cruz said be ‘false’ when he quoted CNN's tweet directly?" Phillips wrote.

CNN sent the tweet Cruz was quoting at 7:08 p.m. central time, about 8 ...

Donald Trump

Trump campaign responds to TV ad showing Morocco, not Mexico: 'This was 1,000 percent on purpose'

After we published our fact-check, the Trump campaign released a statement to the media:

"The use of this footage was intentional and selected to demonstrate the severe impact of an open border and the very real threat Americans face if we do not immediately build a wall and stop illegal immigration. The biased mainstream media doesn't understand, but ...

Ben Carson

Carson suggests academic source for Putin claim

In a telephone interview with the Miami Herald on Nov. 4, 2015, Carson said his source for this claim was a "Middle Eastern scholar at a university in Texas who is actually writing a book about it right now and translating it into English and should be out next year. He says he has got yearbook information and everything ...

Ben Carson

Carson tells CBN his source are government "advisors," including CIA

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson appears on CBN's the 700 Club.

Shortly after our fact-check appeared, CBN News posted an article about Carson’s appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network show, the 700 Club. It reported that when Carson was asked for the source of the Abbas-Khamenei-Putin claim in a follow-up interview with CBN News, "Dr. Carson would not disclose his sources, but told CBN News he learned about the ties between ...

Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, responds

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, authored an article for the National Review in response to our fact-check after we published our findings. He disagreed with our rating and argued that our report was biased. 

"As I wrote in my new book A Time for Truth, 'PolitiFact' represents a new species of yellow journalism, where liberal reporters dress up as 'facts' their liberal ...

Julius Jones

Julius Jones of Black Lives Matter Worcester responds

Julius Jones of Black Lives Matter Worcester sent PunditFact an email with comments about our fact-check about a week after it was published.

He disagreed with the rating and our point that the incarceration rate had been rising since before President Bill Clinton’s term.

"The inertia was provided by Reagan, but the momentum was spurred, sustained and made more aggressive ...

 Credo Action

Credo responds to Mostly False ruling

After we published this fact-check, a spokesman for Credo said that they did not expect all of the coal mined in Wyoming to be burned by 2030.

"The estimated CO2 emissions of the coal is the amount of pollution that would be released, if burned, in any time frame," spokesman Elijah Zarlin said. "If burned, this quantity of coal would ...

 Occupy Democrats

Occupy Democrats responds to Pants on Fire rating

Omar Rivero, the founder and editor-in-chief of Occupy Democrats, got back to us after we gave a Pants on Fire rating to the group's claim that Bobby Jindal's parents used his birthright citizenship to gain citizenship for themselves, thus making him an "anchor baby."

Rivero said the group relied on articles from ThinkProgress and Salon.

"We didn't come up with ...

Joe Scarborough

Scarborough apologizes for Algeria error -- sort of

Joe Scarborough discussed our fact-check on his May 6, 2015, show.

Joe Scarborough apologized on his May 6, 2015, show for wrongly claiming that Algeria was on the U.S. terror list. 

"I'm not a big fan of public confessions, but I must offer a heartfelt apology to PolitiFact."